Tips for deactivating a house alarm

In addition to dogs, alarms are also installed to increase the security of a house. These alarms are set to go off as soon as someone enters their wake or touches an object connected to the alarm. These alarms are also activated when you want to leave the house. So, as soon as you return, it is essential to deactivate them in order to live in peace. This article will show you some effective tips to do just that.

Deactivation from the central alarm station

To deactivate a house alarm, there are several options, including deactivating the central alarm. To do this, you can use a remote control to do it from a distance or a badge. This is why when you want to buy an alarm to secure your home, check that the remote control is included in the accessories. In fact, alarms are equipped with a remote control that allows remote manipulation. This remote control replaces the direct contact with the alarm. Thus, the individual is exempted from any approach of the central alarm to avoid a possible electrocution. With this option, you will not be able to access the total protection system on the central alarm system of the house. However, if you want to deactivate the alarm partially, you just have to press the button in the form of an open padlock.

Deactivation from an access badge reader

The deactivation of an alarm can also be done with a badge. With a badge reader, deactivating the alarm is easier. You no longer have to remember your alarm code and enter it each time on the alarm. With a badge reader, the operating mode is to present the badge in front of the reader without any contact. The reader will then light up green and start checking the validity of the badge. When the badge is not valid, the reader will light up red. But as soon as the badge is valid, the deactivation is done automatically.

Disconnecting the low voltage transformer

In a house, the low voltage transformer is often fixed by a screw. Therefore, the mains supply must be cut off in order to disconnect the transformer. Similarly, keypads, sirens and other sound sources should be disconnected. After these steps, the alarm will be completely shut down.