Beret Hat Sharer: How to Keep Hats Clean

There may be various hats in one’s wardrobe, such as fashionable hats, practical hats, interesting berets, soft hats, leather hats and felt hats. But it is important to learn how to keep all of them looking good. Let’s get started from the elastic inner band, which may be the most dirty part, because of perspiration, body oil, make-up and hair products.

Tip 1  Brush Elastic Inner Band with an Old Toothbrush

It’s convenient to scrub the fabric elastic inner band with an old toothbrush, which could help one clean tough stains easily. Please add some mild clean agents to clean water, and dip a toothbrush in the mixture. After scrubbed all stains, clean the wet inner band with a clean cloth after dipping plain water. Then, the only thing is to leave the hat dry in the air, avoiding high temperatures and direct sunlight.

When it refers to an elastic leather inner band, I would like to recommend a kind of leather specific cleaner, which is useful to cleaning stains and odors. Please leave it dry in the air. The last step is to smear a leather conditioner or lotion to keep its supple.

Baseball Caps

As a utilitarian part in a set of uniform, baseball caps are often wear for fashion purposes. In addition, they also could keep wears’ skin away from exposure to strong direct sunlight. There are also many baseball caps being made from synthetic fibers, cotton, wool and leather.

In many cases, fashionable accessories will state some information about a wearer, especially in some critical events. In order to shelter women from the elements and protect their modesty in church or in front of men, fashionable hats began as mandatory accessories for women, evolving into fashionable factors to contribute to stylish looks.

Both natural and synthetic straw and fabrics are applicable to produce quality hats, such as wool felt, brocade or velvet. Besides, more and more headpieces feature veils, feathers, beads or other embellishments, which all continue the artistic touch of hats and create arts of work. For the purpose of keeping great looks of headpieces, supple bristle brushes and lint rollers could play an important role in removing dust and fluff. Rolling cleaners over headgear slowly, brush hats carefully and do not crush decorative embellishments. In case it is possible, please remove the trim, ribbons, flowers and feathers, to reduce difficulties in brushing.

In the event that the trim is not removable, one could use a hair dryer in low wind, blowing off dust and fluff off flowers and other decorative parts. Cornstarch or talcum powder are benefit to cleaning oily stains. Sprinkle one of them on hats, and brush away those powder slightly with brush after several hours contacting between the powder and hat. Hats will be damaged in case one uses liquid cleaners to felted hats.

An iron steamer could reshape the veil to its best shape. It should note that hats shouldn’t be over-steamed, otherwise they would be completely ruined. Thanks for your visits.