Lost dog: how to find it quickly?

Finding a lost dog can seem very difficult. In reality, when your dog leaves home, it is not easy to guess where he has gone. Even worse, when it's a big city, the space you have to explore to find your dog becomes quite vast. Fortunately, there are a number of techniques that make it easy to find a lost dog. We invite you to discover them in this article.

Filing a loss report

If your dog is missing, it is very important not to waste time. In fact, the more the minutes tick by, the more you lose hope of finding your companion. So when you notice your dog is missing, the very first thing you should do is report it as lost. Find out here a knockout post. This declaration can be done through an emergency number, on a dedicated platform, via the contact form, etc. To this end, the dog will be listed with its chip or tattoo number so that it can be easily found. Indeed, if your pet is tattooed or has a chip, the veterinarian will be able to check the database and have access to the ICAD list. This will make it easy for the vet to make a lost pet report.

Looking for your lost dog

If your dog is lost, an accentuated search can be effective. To do this, you can publish a search ad. The ad should contain a description with the precise characteristics of the dog to avoid a scam. Share your advert as much as possible on social networks to increase your chances of finding your companion. However, when you notice that your pet is missing, a search in the surrounding area is the most effective. You can first alert the neighbourhood and ask if anyone has seen your dog by chance. Another tip is to make posters with a recent photo of the dog and post them in the most frequented places.