How to make a successful lost dog poster ?

If you've lost track of your dog, don't panic. And even if it is difficult to follow as advice, focus on the procedural steps. Especially the one where you have to introduce your dog to strangers in order to ask them for help. To that end, here is a short list of tips for a successful poster.

Put the useful information first

It should be noted that some sites make it very easy for you to create your poster with predefined formats. So, all you have to do is fill in the different boxes. Moreover, this useful site can give you an overview of the option. 

But otherwise, when you decide to design the entire poster, it is important that you put the information in bold with a font that appeals. Not to mention the color that goes with it. 

Indeed, all these precautions contribute to the impression you give and by extension to the success of your search campaign. But let's get back to the information: 

- a large, visible title in red with the words "LOST DOG": this title leaves no doubt about your intentions, 

- a picture of your dog, 

- a short description of your pet : color, breed, size, sex... You should not say too much either to keep the visual side of your poster, - the place and the date (presumed) of the disappearance,

 - a QR code : the QR code is useful for users of new generation phones. With this code, it is fast to find your ad.

Don't forget the little extras that make all the difference

Indeed, apart from the essential information, there is the rest. You need to design a poster that also takes your feelings into account. After all, you are only one person and humans are more sensitive to the distress of their fellow man. 

In fact, you have the opportunity to add a few small points : 

- a reward : we agree that it is optional, but when there is something to win, the challenge aspect appeals to more people. 

- a few words to introduce yourself : it will of course be very short. So, find words that define you well without being long or forget it.