Between MailPoet and Sendinblue which one to choose for your Newsletter ?

For your e-mailing campaigns, it is better to use a newsletter site rather than an e-mail software, even if your mailing list only includes a limited number of addresses at the moment. If you have started to study the question, perhaps you find yourself faced with this classic dilemma : how to choose between MailChimp and Sendinblue for your newsletter ? Read this article to understand better.

MailPoet, the most convenient newsletter site

MailPoet and Sendinblue have relatively similar interfaces. The main specificity of MailPoet lies in the fact that it is a WordPress plugin. You must therefore have a WordPress site to be able to use it. In this case, MailPoet will come in really handy, especially if your WordPress site includes a blog. To fully understand the difference on Mailpoet vs Sendinblue, go to the site. Indeed the very good integration of MailPoet in WordPress will allow you, once your newsletter template has been created, to create and manage your following e-mailings very easily and in a short time. It should also be noted that MailPoet is free for up to two thousand email addresses. A service offer for sending e-mails (white server) is also available (extra). The free version provides access to convenient but limited statistics.

Sendinblue, the platform for sending e-mails in French

Sendinblue works a little differently. Its main advantage is to be an e-mailing platform in French. It is a solution completely independent of any CMS. Sendinblue’s interface is easy to learn. In fact, Sendinblue stands out above all for its commercial policy, which most people find inelegant. In summary, Sendinblue initially seems completely free. In fact, it is free until you have sent your first newsletter. Then the system is somehow blocked. To continue to use the newsletter model and mailing lists that you have carefully developed, you will need to subscribe to a paid offer. You now know what makes the difference between these two platforms, the choice is yours.