5 solutions to find your lost cat

Your cat is lost. Taking advantage of a minute's inattention, your cat has slipped through the open front door without warning. How do you find him? No need to panic. Discover in this article our advice to follow to find your lost cat.

Call your cat by name

It may seem obvious but your cat, even if it snubs you at times, recognises its name. You should therefore call your cat's name out loud several times in a row, especially in the quiet hours. If he is not too disoriented, this will help. If he is asleep, it may wake him up. Click for more information.

Searching in the corners of the house

Cats by nature like peace and quiet and warmth. So remember to check that he's not asleep in an old pram in the attic, in a laundry basket or in the clothes cupboard. If you are in doubt, it is best to open all the doors in the house and give him time to get out.

Ringing the neighbours' doorbells

In an apartment building, your cat may venture into a neighbour's house through a gutter, a balcony, a windowsill or a doorway left open for a few minutes. So don't hesitate to ring all the doors in the building. Your cat may have just gone over the fence to see if the grass is greener elsewhere. It is therefore necessary to see the neighbours who will warn you if they see it appear.

Contacting local vets

When you find a lost cat, the first thing to do is to take it to a vet. With its chip and tattoo, this professional can find its owner. However, you can anticipate his call by leaving a short message giving the characteristics of your pet. This call is more important if your cat is neither tattooed nor chipped.

Check the common areas

If your cat is not used to leaving the flat, it may be frightened and hide in common areas such as: under a tin roof, in the bike shed, under a staircase... For more security, you can also place its bowl in front of your front door.