4 things to know about Adrien Cheng

Adrian Cheng is a businessman who, with information, knowledge, contacts, high levels of innovation and creativity keeps increasing his profits. To achieve this result, the Hong Kong entrepreneur has demonstrated certain values. Learn about these values to learn from them.  

His ability to spot opportunities

Adrian Cheng has a "smell" for visualizing businesses where most people only see chaos, contradictions, difficulties or even threats. That's why he is constantly learning about current events and changes in his industries and is curious enough to know and investigate the environment and his customers.  

His ability to innovate or create

 The Hong Konger has the ability to create new products or services to effectively meet the needs of his customers, current or potential. To achieve this, he learns and uses strategies in production and marketing to get better results. In addition, he is not afraid to do things differently. 

What differentiates him from a simple administrator or manager is that he enjoys creating new businesses more than observing, analyzing and describing his existing businesses. For this reason, he makes decisions that allow him to build a founding business team that can identify, accumulate, control and secure the resources needed to start and sustain his new ventures.  

His ability to combat the unpleasantness of the environment

 Adrian Cheng's life as an entrepreneur has been full of challenges and vicissitudes, but he has been flexible to adapt quickly to his environment. His job as a businessman is to anticipate changes and be ready to adapt to them. He especially avoids being surprised without preparation. 

He is constantly preoccupied with gathering information that allows him to make decisions with the greatest possible degree of certainty. He does not risk his capital without prior analysis. However, the businessman does not sit idly by without taking risks, but rather finds a balance between the two options.

His leadership ability

 Adrian Cheng is able to plan, organize, direct and control the activities of his businesses. But, most importantly able to lead the dynamic process of vision, creation and change. This enables him to lead his teams, but also to inspire his collaborators to achieve their goals. Thus, he develops leadership skills.