3 Tips for installing your own pool at home

For some time now, you can find in the shops swimming pools in kit form that you can install yourself. Of course you can do it. All you need is some DIY knowledge and a lot of care. This article will give you all the steps to build your pool.

Preparing the ground

To start with, we will take the model of a semi inground wooden pool. The first thing would be to define the location of your future pool.If your terasse is made of concrete, then you will have to cut it with a discer. You can go to the nearest shop to rent one. Then, you will have to dig the ground, so you will need a mini excavator. The depth of the hole will depend on the height of the pool. Therefore, you must strictly follow the recommendations found in the pool guide. Make sure you pack the soil well and the surface should be flat.

The making of the slab

When you unpack your swimming pool kit, make every effort to arrange them in order. This will make it easier for you later on. You then need to create a groove in the centre of your hole, then position the reinforcing bars in the groove and fix those that go to the side. Remember to hire a concrete mixer as you will need to pour the concrete for the slab. Once the slab is made, smooth it out and leave it to dry for a few days.

The assembly of the pool

When the slab is dry, you can assemble the sides. Check that the length between each side is the same and make sure that the corners are positioned correctly. Once the pool surround has been installed, the ground should be swept and even vacuumed to remove small stones. These can damage the pool if you are not careful. Next, the carpet should be laid and the corners cut. This is also the time to install the liner, which must be clipped into the rails at the top of the posts. If there is a gap between the uprights and the ground of your garden, install a geotextile fabric against the outer uprights and fill it up to ground level. You can then let the water flow by removing the folds of the liner from the ground as you go along. Your pool is now ready.