Beret Hat Sharer: Fedora Hat and Sweatband

In the 1950s and early 1960s, fedora hats were closely connected to Hollywood stars as an iconic style. In fact, such fedora hats entered daily life in 1882. Since Prince Edward of Great Britain’s wearing of such hats, they have become fashionable accessory in almost every season. The most famous and classic hats counts the one worn by Harrison Ford in the “Indiana Jones” — a series of adventure films.

In the beginning, a fedora is made of wool while it is made from various materials like leather, synthetic fibers and straw. As the increasing popularity in recent years, the cleaning of those hats are still prominent.

Removing dust with soft-bristled clothes brush, removing nap of fabric gently to avoid misshaping. In terms of straw fedoras, only damp cloth could be taken to clean dust in the surface. Just shake off excess rains in case fedoras get wet by rains. Leave it dry in air and avoid high temperature and direct sunlight in the process. For fear of flattening and misshaping of fedoras, a hat form or a big jar could be applied to support fedoras.

In the event one perspire heavily when wearing felt fedoras, please use a damp cloth to wipe down the inside and outside, to remove excess body salts as much as possible. It’s easy that excess salt stains from perspiration could be perceived, so it’s necessary to clean them from time to time. At regular intervals, it is necessary to turn the wrong side out and allow drying it completely. Leather inner band should be cleaned with a soap. In addition, it should be cared by a leather conditioner. In order to remove oliy stains incurred by hair products, lotions and body oils, sprinkle cornstarch or talcum powder to the stained area. After several hours contacts, brush those powder off fedoras carefully. One could repeat the process in case rough stains are still there.

Liquid synthetic is applicable to hats made of synthetic fibers. Mix a bit of clean agent with cold or warm water, and dip a white cloth into such water. Wipe the spot stains area and then rinse it with a clean cloth dipped in plain water. Hats could be worn after good washing and drying.

Please store fedoras in a covered cardboard box or any kind of containers big enough. On the one hand, a sealed box could prevent dust settling onto it; on the other hand, it could also prevent misshaping of hats for a lack of enough space. Turn over the box from time to time, to avoid misshaping of brims.

Supple underwear and clean socks could be used to support the hat in traveling. No matter what kind of hats could be protected in a good shape and color if one follows above instructions exactly. There are also many similar websites dedicated to BERET-HAT-UK, and all items on those websites are sold at lower prices. In addition, they are manufactured in good quality and style. Thanks for your subscription.

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