Methods on Cleaning a Knit Beret or Crochet Hat

Since knit beret and stocking caps were useful to keeping warm in winter, I have collected some cleaning methods to keep hats clean and comfortable. Washing methods depend on the structure and constituent of the yarn.

Knit Beret
Knit Beret

Specific Washing Methods of Knit Berets

According to law of the United States, a tag shall be attached to inside of a hat. In other words, these washing and drying instructions will tell you how to wash and dry knit berets. Please figure out specific the fiber content and material of the hat. Are they cotton, wool or yarn?

In the event that your knit beret is woven with superwash wool, it could be washed by hand or washer. Both of them are applicable. It would be better to wash the hat on the gentle cycle in cold or warm water.

Please wash regular wool in cold water by hand, otherwise it will felt and shrink. Besides, there is no doubt that some common materials like cotton, linen and ramie could be washed on a gentle cycle, no matter in cold water and warm water. Acrylic and other synthetic materials could be washed in regular laundry.

Please wash your knit beret by hand in case the material could not be figured out. Some embellishments like ribbons, flowers or pins should be removed prior to washing. In case those items on a beret hat could not be removed, please wash it by hand. Even on the gentle cycle, both sequins and jewels could be damaged in a washer.


Specific Washing Methods of Synthetic Fiber Cap

In case fiber caps are woven by synthetic fibers, they could be washed by machine. Those synthetic fibers include acrylic and synthetic blends. Please turn the inside out when you wash it in a wash even on a gentle cycle. It’s perfect to allow to air dry, avoiding shrinking, pilling and pulling.

It should be checked that whether there are loose threads, snags or seams. Please strength those parts ahead of washing.

Natural Fiber Hat

Some hat made from wool, cotton, flax or even blended synthetic should be washed in cold water. A wool specific clean agents contains lanolin, which is helpful to increasing water resistance of wool. It seems troubled to wash hat by hands. But for handmade and luxurious natural fiber hat, it is well worth of washing them by hands.

Avoid wringing or scrubbing knitted items in cold water.

Rinse good-washed hat with clean and fresh cold water.

Keep the shape from underneath.

Blot excess water with a dry, soft and absorbent towel.

Avoid pulling and tugging.

Flip it over several times for faster drying.

After it is dried, try to raze pills and fuzz from knitted hats. Your hats could be kept in the best shape as much as possible if all above instructions could be followed.

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