Boho Chic Home Design

Currently, there are a lot of home designs used in a house. The existence or re-arise of the new style bring the refreshment for the home design. Most of the new design used to play with colors and the nature. The existence of the home design is not just for the exterior but also in interior. The current interior home design such as boho style, chic style and others. Below we will give you brief about the boho chic home design. It is aims to inform or describe you about that.

boho chic home design

The picture above shows hoe the boho and chic home design in a living room. The use of white color makes the chic and boho decorations can show off. The use of the colorful with pattern and the use of plant give nature touch inside the house. The chosen wood floor is something that you can follow while the wood floor can marge with the plant inside the house. Every decoration uses many variant patterns. The different didn’t make the color break the style, even it well combined in one

the chic and boho decorations

The second example is very different with the first one. If the first example can give the fresh impression, this one is more monochromatic. The use of monochrome colors with the different patters can give the chic and boho style for a home design. The design looks very cozy and warm. Even it looks messy but it still stylish. Because the pattern is already crowded, the decorations that use are not too much to balance the condition. Another good thing from that example is the use of wood that bring the nature touch and makes the room didn’t gloomy.

In conclusion, both are actually the same. But the first example is more girly home design and the second one is masculine. Hope you enjoy it. Thank you.