A Live TV Streaming Service

I discovered that Streaming TV totally replaces the TV part of my cable services. I managed to cut the cable, keeping only my telephone and Internet together with my cable company, and stored cash despite losing the triple-play discount.

This article is my in-depth summary of Streaming TV with information on how it functions.

Together with the price of cable TV going higher annually with no additional benefits, many men and women are cutting the cable. Many businesses are entering the industry and creating competition for the cable companies, providing different approaches to view television at http://www.onlinetv123.com.

After comparing all of the choices, the one I chose to test is Streaming TV. This service enables you to see live broadcast of all of the typical cable channels in your living room TV in addition to in your smartphone, tablet, and desktop.

With a single Streaming TV accounts you are able to enable up to five different folks (6 total) in your household to get their own profiles with individual DVRs. However, this is not essential in case others in your household only need to watch unique channels at precisely the exact same moment. Up to three apparatus can flow stations concurrently on a single account.

Google owns Streaming, therefore that I could see why they opted to call the new service Streaming TV.

I retained the Internet and telephone service with my cable company, however although I dropped the triple-play discount I cut 80 off my monthly invoice.

Google charges only $35 per month for Streaming TV, offering added features I never wanted. By way of instance, if you want to leave the room whilst watching a live broadcast, then it is possible to pause the live action and pick up from where you left off after. After you pause, it starts recording the air.

Infinite DVR is included at no extra price! It’s possible to record several programs simultaneously and save them as much as nine months (More on this later).

In terms of video quality, I discovered some stations are 720p, but many are complete HD in 1080p. But I really don’t see the difference.