Disaster Recovery and Things You Should Prepare

No one or any company knows when a disaster will be happened. No tools or any prediction equipment that can estimate a time when a earthquaqe happened in our local environment. What we should do is about a preparation when the disaster happened.

A lot standard created by academian to make a procedure when a disaster happened. You can refer to ISO or NIST standard that contain a great things that you can prepare or make in the normal activity.

You can do by yourself related to the prepration before disaster happened and you can also hire someone or a group of peole who can do it for you. I will recommend to visit backpage ws page to find more related to the services.

Someone said that you do not need to prepare anything that you don’t know but the fact that all of us really don’t know what will be happened to our future. We need to refer to what expert said related to business, there are business continuity plan or BCP and also Disaster Recovery Plan or DRP.

BCP has a wide aspect of recovery, they cover everythings that a business should done to prepare for the worse in case of business continuity. Disaster Recovery Plan or DRP only talks about what to do related to the IT business process in case a disaster happened to the business.

Any other expert said that BCP and DRP is a different things, BCP talk business and DRP talks of IT activity. Find more related to this at the source: practicalbcdr.com