TV Shows Wimbledon going 3D

Few sports have more traditionalist and purists than tennis, especially when it comes to Wimbledon. Even with that criticism, the world’s most famous tournament has announced that those who enjoy watching television with added dimensions can look forward to Wimbledon 3D this year.

Wimbledon going 3D
Wimbledon going 3D

Everyone’s involved

Ian Ritchie, who is the chief executive of the All England Club that hosts the tournament, announced that fans will be able to catch Nadal, Federer and friends smacking a ball at each other in 3D in their homes and in select cinemas.

Wimbledon 3D will be in partnership with Sony and the tournament’s official broadcaster, the BBC. The men’s singles semis, finals and the women’s finals will be shot in 3D and rebroadcast to 600 cinemas all around the world, as well as on the BBC.

We’ve always been modern!

Ritchie was well pleased to announce Wimbledon 3D, taking the opportunity to point out that the tournament has always been on the cutting edge of technology. He said: ‘Starting way back, the first ever transmission in color the BBC put out was from Wimbledon so we were innovators then’. For an event so well known for its strict clothing policies and turned-up nose practices, that’s quite the zinger.

He continued, saying: ‘Now there is an opportunity to expand into 3D broadcasts and it’s very exciting. But as far as we are concerned it’s that classic combination of tradition and innovation’.

This is what it takes to be a global player in sport

Ritchie, showing great foresight and open-mindedness, admitted that this decision was made in the context of global sports, and not just tennis. He said: ‘We see ourselves as the best tennis event in the world but we want to be seen as one of the best sporting events. If you stand still you fall behind.’ And right he is.
Now all you need to do is make sure you buy a 3D TV before the Monday, 20 June, which is the date the grand tournament starts. Else make your way to a supported cinema if you want to see Nadal smack the ball and steamroll Federer in glorious 3D (excuse my bias, but I am right).

Cavs Keys to Championship

The Cleveland Cavaliers are looking like strong candidates to win the Larry O’Brien Trophy this year. They’re undefeated in this years playoffs and they have a good chance of staying that way all the way up to the NBA finals. Nothing in professional sports is easy, especially in the playoffs but the Cavs will have a favorable matchup whether they face the Heat or the Raptors. With that being said there are major keys that’ll lead to bringing a championship to the city of Cleveland. read this in

  1. Stay healthy: You can’t prevent injuries from happening but they played a big factor in bringing the Cavs down during last years postseason. If the Cavs managed to stay healthy last season, many believed they would’ve taken Golden State to 7 games and maybe even won the NBA Finals. With Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love able to play throughout the playoffs with Lebron and the rest of the Cleve-Cav-Clan, they’re able to show how dominate they can be together. Having more than 8 players able to contribute this year will definitely do the Cavs good in the remainder of the postseason
  2. Three-Point Shooting: A contribution to the Cavaliers success this far has been their 3 point shooting. Kyrie, Kevin Love, Channing Frye, JR, Shump, and Richard Jefferson are all shooting around 50% from the 3 point line which has been key so far. The Cavs all together made 57 3’s in round 1 then hit 77 in the conference semis, a record setting 25 of which came in game 2. If the Cavs keep up their 3 point success their opponents might not be able to keep up.
  3. Have Fun: Human natures shows that the more someone enjoys doing something is probably because they’re good at doing it. The Cavs are having fun and you can see it on their faces on and off the court and as a result they’re unbeaten in this years playoffs. Cavs fans are finally starting to see the big 3 to gel together and build chemistry which also has to do with their success. If the Cavs just simpl continue to play their game they’ll be in good shape for the rest of the playoffs.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have a good chance of winning the NBA Championship this year as long as they can manage to stay healthy, stay efficient from the three-point line, and have fun. The fact that they’re building chemistry in the locker room plays a factor in all these keys to victory. If the Cavs keep it up the city will see their first major championship in years.